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To Make Life Easier…

Posted in Food Ramblings by Ara Gureghian

To make Life easier if you are going on an outing for a couple of days, even more, pasta and rice can be made in advance. When done, while still warm, add a tablespoon of olive oil, fold well, let it cool off and place in a zip lock bag or food storage. It will […]


Posted in Food Ramblings by Ara Gureghian

I use a good pair of scissors to chop my herbs, sun dried tomatoes and even chicken, specially if I have bought some tenderloins. It saves from cleaning a cutting board sometimes. I also often will use a paper plate to cut up meat, this will also save from washing the cutting board when running […]

My Recipes Are Templates…

Posted in Food Ramblings by Ara Gureghian

I have probably already written this somewhere, yet, it is so important to emphasize that these recipes are templates. They are as a vehicle for everyone’s imagination or accomplishing a meal with what is available around you or changing certain ingredients you do not like. It is hard for me to give exact cooking times. […]

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