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Why and How?

All of my recipes are .99 cents a download. If you have already purchased from the store before, just login above and head for “The Recipes”.  The list of recipes is located below, just click on a recipe title to visit that page.  If you have not registered or purchased before, at time of checkout, click on the “Register” link on the checkout page and follow the instructions.  I appreciate your support, enjoy your meals and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

More recipes will be added as time goes on but I hope you first read below them. Feedback are always appreciated, there will always be a better way to do this! I will also continue adding thoughts in my “Food rambling…” section.  Below, you will find a current list of my offerings, more will be available as time goes on.

Eggs & Vegetables Breakfast
Mango Salsa Feta Pomegranate Salsa
Chicken Feta Medley Over Pasta Balsamic Chicken Over Rice Or Pasta Chicken With Feta Cheese & Bacon Chicken With A Garbanzo Bean Salad
Sweet & Sour Chicken Spicy Chicken With Rice Balsamic Cranberry Dijon Chicken Chicken With Pepperoncini & Basil
Peppered Steak Strips With Rice
Creamed Spinach With Bacon (Or Not!) Pasta Corbonara Bacon, Rice & Sun Dried Tomatoes
Spicy Tilapia With Rice Scallops & Shrimp With Black Bean Salad Tilapia With Black Beans Grilled Salmon Topped With Guacamole
Shrimp Over Pasta
Breaded Pork Chops With A Corn Salsa Pineapple Mango Pork (Or Chicken) Sauteed Pork With Squash
Stuffed Banana Apricot~Peach Chocolate Brownie Upside Down Cake

I am very excited to be here and sharing my cooking and my thoughts on food preparation and tips combined with some photography. As time goes on new recipes will come on, weekly I hope, hints, personal experiences on cooking and tools. This site will grow to provide you everything you need to eat well the easy way. This is going to be a project in progress including this page. Lays here over 40 years behind the stoves and I am always more than happy to answer any questions, yet at times, while on the road, the replies might take a bit while when searching for a connection. Not as much the case in winter time though. E-Mails will be fine, I will even publish the ones which will allow many others, including myself most likely, to learn something new. New knowledge is always welcome and accepted.

The idea is pretty simple. “One-pan cooking”. Sometimes if you have the carrying space maybe 2 pans! It can be done, it is being done. The recipes and logistics have been very well received throughout presentations. My aspects are very straightforward. One is “Health”. I do not use butter, I try as much as I can to not use “processed food” and “salt”. But you can. Out of need, I myself stray sometimes. This fashion brings out the true flavors of the ingredients, specially at times using lemon and lime juice, vinegars. We personally travel without refrigeration. This means the recipes can be made with or without meat. It is a personal choice. There are standards which I always have in my own pantry and for the balance I am big on using the local produce, shopping without recipes in mind, buying what is fresh and often what is on sale. And last, and I cannot emphasize enough, those recipes are templates. Templates meaning don’t get stuck on one ingredient. No cilantro? Or you do not care for it? Use another herb. No chicken? Use pork or no meat. No rice? Use pasta… cracked wheat, quinoa, couscous. My volume measurements are loose, sometimes non existent as “how much pasta”. All the recipes are for two servings, volumes can be adjusted according.

These recipes are for the road, for the Home, for the RV, anywhere, anytime, any country! Use them to expand your social time with your Friends as they will from start to finish take much less than one hour. Get back to camp a bit earlier that day and cook together, talk about the ride, the drive or the hike.

I am and will be writing these recipes as if I was cooking with a Friend across me with many details and some short cuts I would not like to skip, it is not your conventional Book form. Just wanted everyone to know that!

Opening a can of beans only and a pack of hot dogs should not be an option.


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