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These are utensils I call tools and gadgets that I use all year around. It is not to say they are the best, they are the ones that work for me and fit in the carrying space that I have. Some brands are better than others, I do name them when their products have proven well over these past 5 years. I will continuously be adding I am sure, either forgetting something or finding a new "one" I cannot do without! Feel free to email me with anything that you might use that also has worked well for you.

Cutting board
I use a thin plastic cutting board. It is hard to find one that does not buckle up. A little bit on the thicker side generally means it will not.

Rubber gloves
Quite often water is as gold for us. I much prefer to handle a piece of meat with rubber gloves than using much water to thoroughly wash my hands.

Hand lemon/lime juicer
Always get more juice with a juicer and keep the seeds behind. There are a few varieties depending on how much carrying space you have. Of course I like the big yellow one, but carry the small one instead. I found that "Rolls Royce" of portable juicers at William Sonoma. They always have a "SALE" basket.

Splash guard
A splash guard is handy when not needing a cover, yet, wanting keep things covered up and the food breathing and heat in the pan specially in cold weather. Keeps also the surroundings cleaner.

I use one pair of scissors for all the fresh herbs instead of chopping. Easy clean up also. I never use it for anything else, such as paper or cardboard or…

Zyliss garlic press
I don’t often name Brands, but this time I have to. It is truly the best. I have two, no clue why, in case I loose one I imagine. I use the tip of a knife to scrape the pulp and keep it in a zip-lock bag.

Yes, one knife and that is all. The flat blade is great for chopping in various ways, it’s size allows for peeling and also has a sheath for protection while in storage. I found it at Safeway I believe.

2 silicone pot holders
My own preference, easy clean up and it works. Those are the black ones in the photos.

Wood spoons and others
I like to use a long handle wood spoon. I also use 3 folding utensils and a silicone spatula. One larger serving spoon, one drainer and one spatula. REI carries those.

Silicone Steamer
This has worked well for me. It does not take up any space and actually I use it to separate other utensils from rubbing against each other. I also found this at a Safeway.

Long handle lighter.
Pretty basic. This one is refillable and I like that.

Can opener

Kitchen Towels
I do carry paper napkins, half a roll of paper towels, but I have this about having some real kitchen towels which are laundered when the occasion comes up, generally once a week or so.

I use a regular skillet. Inexpensive I prefer. Generally buy one once a year including the splash-guard which is very handy to have. Be careful buying a skillet that has a bottom too slippery for your stove if you are camping. It happened to me. Hard to cook and hold the skillet at the same time.
The pan is a GSI (REI) and I like it for a few reasons. It come with a lid that has perforations on one side and is so perfect to let the steam out, just enough as when making rice. It comes also with 4 goblets. 2 are also measuring cups (even though I do carry some out of habit) and 2 are drinking mugs. It saves me space not needing a coffee mug anymore. (In my case). I like the handle which folds and is stored in one of the mugs. What I have however found out, dues to the vibrations of the motorcycle, the mugs were scratching the bottom. What I do now, after they exchange the set, is insert the netting first and then the mugs.

Eggs slicer
Basic egg slicer. I use many hard boiled eggs on my salads, bean salads. It is convenience versus chasing the egg down the path with a fork.

Cheese grater
This one has a laser cut blade, very sharp and grates both ways. They are becoming very popular now. Parmesan cheese travels very well without refrigeration.

MSR Stove top with spare fuel bottles
Much controversy I would call it about stoves. I have been using this one for 15 years at least. It is fool proof. Has an adjustable flame, does very well even in windy situations and the fuel unlike canisters is inexpensive and available all around the World. I use white fuel, yet, regular fuel and diesel also works. I carry a few canisters which make up about a gallon.

Storage of dry goods with Gear Pods
Best invention since sliced bread. Just an expression as I do not find sliced bread very appealing. Waterproof, unbreakable and they come in sizes at first pleasantly feeling as trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Small ones for spices and larger ones for rice, bulgur, couscous, you name it. Check out all their configurations to suit your needs.

Water jug, paper plates, dish soap, felt rag as sponges start smelling after a while, trash bags, more as probably other items will come to mind. I use a Sun Shower for washing with hot water including showering of course.
I also consider some eatable items as "tools" or what I call "vehicles", such as Pita bread, tortillas, if I am lucky to find, "lettuce leaves". They all save plates.

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